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Zahira E. DeVille & Abigail Deville
Where is your favourite place to take your children?
Zahira E. DeVille: Our dining room table. Over the years we have shared quite an assortment of comments, opinions, foolishness, stories and nonsensical songs.
What’s your favourite outfit your children own?
ZED: When my child (Abigail) wears one of her many fake furs with a hat it makes the buttons on my jacket get a little tighter.
What would you like for Mother’s Day?
ZED: Two sons in law and one daughter in law (to add to the fun).
What has being a mother taught you?
ZED: This is not a simple question to answer.  I am still learning.  Initially, one of the lessons was that these children did not ask to come here and therefore one had to absolutely do the best one could for them (unconditionally, all the time, whether one felt like it or not).  Decisions used to be made based on the good of the children.  One of the most meaningful things as the parent of adult children is that I love and totally enjoy the people they have become (three very distinct personalities).  They make me laugh and help me understand situations from different perspectives.  I have learned that whatever we have to do in order to enjoy healthy relationships is worth every effort and the dividends are priceless.

Where is your favourite place to go with your mother?
Abigail Deville: The supermarket, where she examines the packages of every item and deliberates over every purchase selecting carefully what goes into the shopping cart.
What’s your favourite outfit your mother wears?
AD: This is a difficult question; my mother has a collection of 200 blazers for every season, day of the week and possible occasion.
Describe your mother in three words?
AD: Fiercely loyal, loving, devoted.
What has your mother taught you?
AD: My Mother has taught me Love. The strength of character that is necessary when you love someone or something. Her unwavering strength has taught me to zero in on what I love and pursue that wholeheartedly.

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